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    Dixie Arts Conservatory aims to:
Develop children’s and adult’s appreciation for the performing arts, specifically dance and musical theater. Teach children and adults proper technique and terminology.
Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learned abilities through community and private performances.
Promote various styles of dance, including—but not limited to—

ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop.
Offer classes ranging in level from beginning to advanced.


    As a non-profit community organization, Dixie Arts Conservatory is serving the needs of the public. Our services, classes, and performances are accessible to all who are interested in dance and musical theater. We also strive to create an appreciation of the art form

by seeking out new audiences.
    In keeping with our vision, we try to maintain moderate tuition prices.
    The teaching philosophy at DAC embraces a holistic approach. Each student is regarded as a “whole” person, not just a dancer needing technical training. A skilled and dedicated staff implements this approach to learning with emphasis on strengthening students’ minds and imaginations, as well as their bodies. A positive attitude, good nutrition, teamwork, creativity, and challenging one’s self are important components of instruction.
    By fostering the art of dance in its various forms, we hope to enrich and empower students, performers, and audience members.

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