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Enjoy some quality time with your little one! This class is designed for children and their parents and includes singing, stretching, music, props, circle games and tons of fun. Spend some time being creative with your child. (This class can be for daddies or nannies too!)

These classes will introduce younger students to basic ballet vocabulary. Simple coordination, musicality, rhythm and concentration will be emphasized. Students are encouraged to explore space and have fun with dance.
Dress Code~ pink tights, black or pink leotard and ballet shoes. Please have hair pulled up and no jewlery. (boys black pants, white t-shirt)

This is a fun introductory class that will introduce students to dance. Creative movement and activities help introduce the beginning fundamentals of ballet, jazz, hip hop & some tumbling. Students also play games which enhance cognitive & social development and learn classroom etiquette.
Dress Code~ leotard, tights or dance pants/shorts. No shoes required. Please pull hair up into a bun or ponytail

Ballet is such a strong foundation in dance and it encourages dancers of all ages to make it to class each week. Our primary focus is proper technique, terminology and balance. Each class will start with a warm up and stretch at the barre before progressing to center floor work. Emphasis will be on the basic positions of the feet and arms as they relate to proper body alignment and balance. Ballet training gives a dancer the strength and control to execute any style of dance well.
Dress Code- Black Leotard (Any solid color for Int./Adv. Students, Pink Ages 3-6) Pink Tights, Pink Ballet Shoes
Please have hair in a bun and bring a water bottle to class.

Pointe Prep/Pre Pointe and Pointe
Pointe is the extension of ballet class. Dancers must be 11 years of age, have had at least one year of ballet training and need permission from the instructor to be eligible to begin pointe.
Dress Code ~Black leotard, Pink tights and pink ballet shoes. Also please have hair in a bun and bring a water bottle to class.

Tap class will provide students with a strong understanding of basic tap foundation, terminology, timing and rhythm. An emphasis will be placed on explanation of terminology, execution of basic steps through more challenging rhythms, precise tap sounds, improvisational techniques, coordination, syncopation and technical execution.

Dress Code ~Solid color leotard, black jazz pants/capri’s and tap shoes. Hair in a bun or ponytail, bring water bottle to class.

Jazz is a dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energy, variety, and vitality. Focusing on proper body placement, technique, flexibility, strengthening and spotting. Classes begin with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment and coordination, followed by progressions across the floor, and culminates in extended dance combinations. The movement explores a range of styles in both lyrical and percussive disciplines with a focus on jazz elements such as isolations, swing, and rhythm. Please encourage your child to stretch and practice at home
Dress Code ~ Solid color leotard, black jazz pants, capri’s or shorts. Please pull hair up into a bun or ponytail, bring water bottle.

A cross between ballet and jazz. Lyrical is more fluid with abstract lines and possesses an emotional story. This class focuses on centering, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, fluidity and emotion. The dancer learns to let the music and their own passion guide the movement.
Dress Code~ Same as Jazz

Concentrates on the technical aspects of leaping, jumping and turning by teaching a series of jumps, leaps and turns, weight and direction changes. The student develops balance, strength, elevation and body alignment.
Dress Code- Same as Jazz

This energetic, upbeat, non-stop cardio class is off the hook, learning a variety of styles of hip hop. Each class begins with an intense fun warm-up, progressions of the latest steps, and high energy combo’s all to age appropriate music.Hip-Hop class includes a lot of choreography and memorization of patters and sequences, builds stamina, and emphasizes body isolations, attitude, coordination, free-style movement, and rhythm
Dress Code~ Loose clothing (no jeans!), clean sneakers! Must bring water bottle.



Musical Theater (Ages 7+)
Each semester is primarily focused on putting on an hour length production. Students will have the opportunities to enhance their abilities through acting, vocal, and dance. Each student will receive a solo and lines to give them the chance to work on chararcterization, script analysis and more. They will also have the chance to work on costumes, sets, and more. Students may receive opportunities to perform within in the community and to attend conventions/competitions.
There will be  an end of semester production for friends and family to enjoy.
Dress Code- Clothing you can move in (no jeans!) Jazz Shoes, Hair Pulled Out of Face



Using warm-ups, group activities, individual exercises, and movement-based techniques, this class will allow actors to explore elements of acting, including (and not limited to) objectives, obstacles, voice/diction, physicality, emotion, and expression. This class will explore character development through monologue and scene work. Contemporary as well as Shakespeare characters will be explored using scansion, rhetoric, presence, character interaction, and technique provided by the training taught in the course, which may include: Lessac (vocal work), Viewpoints, Suzuki, Stage Combat, Alexander, resistance, scansion, and rhetoric. 

Please wear workout/movement type clothing (shirts and shorts/pants which will not restrict in any way). No jeans or flip flops. Wear tennis-shoes (or similar) and socks; be aware we may work barefoot. Bring water. Make sure your hair is out of your eyes (ponytail, clipped back, etc).

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