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We have many levels of classes at DAC.  We know each and every child is different which is why these levels are simply guidelines. We will work with you and your child to find the classes where they will learn and be pushed to be their very best!  

Please remember that in dance class it is ability, rather than age, that will determine what level the students will dance at.  

We will move children up as needed, regardless of age.

Pre-Ballet, Mommy & Me, Creative Movement

These are age appropriate classes, as these children are young they learn the very best with other children their age, which is why we split these classes by age.  We teach basic technique, terms, and really focus on giving these children a passion for dancing and the fun that they can have.


Typical Age Range: 9 months+ (Mommy & Me ONLY)

Others 3-5 years old


Boost classes are for young children who are ready to work hard and really learn as much as they can in the dance style.  In these classes we build off of the basic technique to give them a little more, and we have a real emphasis on terminology.  We know that at this age it is very important to get proper muscle memory for their technique as well as having fun!


Typical Age Range: 5-7years old

Junior 1
Our Junior classes are for a little older children.  Junior 1 is specifically set up to take children with a real passion for dance and push them to learn proper technique.  This is a fast paced class to get all students, regardless of how long they've danced, to push them to their next level.


Typical Age Range: 8-11 years

Junior 2
This level is for children who are the age of juniors but really show potential to work hard at the studio and at home to really make the most of their dance experience.  These children have had years of experience in their dance styles and are proficient in their area of dance.  In these classes we take the motivation and dedication of these students and help them further their technique, master harder steps and combinations, and further their love of dancing. We teach proper technique, terminology, nutrition, audition ettiquite, dance ettiquite, etc.


Typical Age Range: 8-11 years old

These classes are set up for teen-adult beginning level students who want to learn as much as they can about dance.  This is a very fast paced class where the students will learn proper technique, terminology, and open them up to the world of dance.  Our goal with this class is to give these students the technique they need to be able to move on in the dance world.  We believe that it's never too late to start dancing.


Typical Age Range: 12-Adult

Intermediate classes are exactly that.  These classes are for students who are ready to be pushed to the next level.  In these classes we teach proper technique, terminology, nutrition, audition ettiquite, dance ettiquite, intermediate level (which means it's NOT easy) steps and combinations, etc.  These students are at a pre-professional level.


Typical Age Range: 12-Adult

Our advanced classes are for older teens-adults who have a serious love of dancing.  These students have mastered all technique and terminology in their styles of dance.  At this stage in our students lives we are preparing them for the professional world of dance.  Students who work hard in these classes and at home to master their craft will be ready to take on the professional world of dance.  We teach proper technique, terminology, nutrition, audition ettiquite, dance ettiquite, etc.


Typical Age Range: 16-Adult

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